We all need to learn to grieve well.

Grief is part and parcel of life — and yet, so much of what we have been told or taught about grief is wrong and does not serve us well.

At Whispering Hope, we help people learn the skill of grieving well. We equip you with the language and tools you need around the concept of grief, and guide you step-by-step through our signature program, the internationally-recognised Grief Recovery Method®.

I Lost My Spouse

“Thank you for such an inspiring program! Three weeks after the Program, I went through all my late husband’s stuff, which I hadn’t been able to do for more than a year. It was hard to do, but I’m glad I did it. Then I decided to bring in all my doggy stuff into the bedroom. He loved the doggies. He would have been so happy to have this doggy corner in the room. The Program gave my grief a voice, and I managed to let the pain go. You gave me hope that grief can be complete, and that memories can stop causing pain.” – F.Y., March 2018

I lost my child to cancer

“I lost my 7-year-old daughter to cancer. In fact, I had grieved for 10 years before discovering your Program. But through this Program, I learnt that it is normal to grieve, no matter how long ago the loss happened.” – M.P., Sept 2018

Pet Losses

Grieving for an animal can be a lonely place. The loss is real for everyone, including young children and grandparents living in the same household. Yet pet loss is not commonly understood. Those who grieve over pets often encounter a dismissive attitude, which adds to their pain. By acknowledging the loss, recovery can begin.

I lost my son to suicide

“I’m truly glad that I came for this Program. I am not afraid to recall the memory of my son anymore, as I’ve learnt how to deal with my emotions in a more constructive way. I am more confident to move forward because I know what to do. Thank you for setting a good example in overcoming grief. We see strength and courage in the personal experience you shared with us.” – S.L., May 2019

Abuse & Divorce

“I was stuck in an emotionally abusive marriage for over 30 years. This Program has given a voice to my years of misery. It has allowed me to cry my heart out. That was the start of being able to move past my hurts, wounds and memories. I am a changed person today. I have moved on and am able to go back to being a lively person once again.” – A.C., March 2018

Miscarriage & Stillbirth

“It was great to be able to talk through the loss of my baby girl, and it was a relief to be able to converse without being interrupted or judged. I felt listened to. My emotions were acknowledged and I was affirmed. At first, I could not think of any good memories of my baby. Then I was able to recall happy moments when she was in my womb, so I could draw upon these positive memories, and cherish them.”- T.T., Jan 2019

Major Health Loss

The loss of good health, and the accompanying loss of freedom and mobility, can bring about the onset of grief, whether it is an acute health condition, the diagnosis of a terminal illness, or the loss of limbs due to accident or disease.

Financial Loss

Business failure and job retrenchment can bring about grief, especially as it relates to one’s identity, ability to provide for the family, and the loss of one’s home, savings and financial assets.

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