Death of spouse, siblings, parents, significant others

This can be experienced by just about anyone at any age, whether through fatal illness, accidents or natural disasters.

Child Losses

For couples who experienced loss of a child during pregnancy, birth, toddler or junior stage, teenage, or even adulthood.

End of Relationships

This can be experienced by teenagers, young adults, or older adults with break up of significant friendships whether romantic or platonic, including betrayal and loss of trust.

Pet Losses

For those who experienced loss of personal or family pets. Loss of family pet could impact young children and grandparents, who live in the same household.


For couples, regardless of brief or long years of marriage, and whether there are children involved or not. At the same time, dealing with possible betrayal, loss of trust, financial providence, home, identity, etc.

Major move of school, home and country

For those who experienced disruptions which lead to family decision to move home, or parents/couples taking on overseas employment, or migration or relocation.

Major Health Loss

For those who experienced illnesses from menopause to premature heart conditions, loss of limbs and incapacity due to illnesses or accidents, loss of mental health to terminal diseases.

Financial Loss

For those who experienced business failure, loss of income, job, or even home and financial related assets.

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