Discovering the ‘New Normal’

FY was a young lady who lost her husband to sudden illness. It spiraled her to binge eating and excessive weight gain. What followed was end of relationships with her in-laws caused by hurtful events and words.

During processing grief through the GRM Group Program, she sent this what’s app:“Before the last session of the Program, I initiated contact with my mother-in-law (whom I had stopped contacting since my husband’s death) because through the participants of this program, I begin to be able to see the hurt she is going through as she lost her son. I am able to also work on forgiving my mother-in-law for all the hurtful things she has done after my husband died.” [FY, Mar 2018]

 After completing the Program, she sent this what’s app: “I attended the March 2018 Group Program. Three weeks after completing the Program, I packed my bedroom. It has taken me 15 months but I cleared all my late husband’s stuff. It was so hard but I’m glad I did it. GRM helped me because it gave my grief a voice and so I managed to let the pain go. The room felt so empty. I felt so bad for a while. Then I decided to bring in all my doggy stuff. He loved the doggies. He would have been so happy to have this doggy corner in the room.” [FY, Mar 2018]

She willingly processed losses and grief, reflected on the pain and its effects on her. She made immediate right choices for the different, better and more she wanted for her ‘new normal’ that made her a happier person. I caught up with FY in December 2018, and she had gone on an exercise and healthy diet program, and lost 9kg of excess weight with a goal to lose 4kg more for health and wellness. She kept focused on her job and moving on with career advancements.

Well done FY! So encouraged to see a happier and beautiful lady, inside-out!

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