Get Colors Back Into Your Life

As we look back to when we first launched the Grief Recovery Method Program in Singapore in August 2016, we are encouraged by the responses of those who have completed. We are now open for registration for the 7th Group Program to start 27 April 2019.

What’s most gratifying for us as Certified Grief Recovery Specialists, is to hear how each griever has moved from where they were when they started the Program.

Here’s feedback from a widow with a special needs child and a teenager.  She first wrote this in the Program evaluation:

“Attending the GRM Program was useful. It reassured me that I wasn’t losing myself and confirmed for me that grief is messy and complicated. So this helps me to look at my own grief and loss and figure out what to do with it/with myself. It also helped me realized there may be other issues in my life that need to be dealt with as I journey towards wholeness in the Lord.” [GHL, Sep 2018]

After completing the GRM program, she went on vacation. She sent this whatsapp:

“I’m happy to share that I think I’ve turned a corner in my grief recovery journey. The trip to LA did a lot for me. I didn’t realize it then but after I came home and despite my helper being away for almost 3 weeks, I could sense that tired as I was, my heart was no longer feeling so heavy and burdened. And I could feel that I was ready to have colors return, to my wardrobe, to my countenance, to my life.” [GHL, Oct 2018]

After her husband’s death in 2017, she could only wear black or black & white. On this trip, all she packed in her suitcase were blues –and she decided to buy a pink and red top. So happy for her that colors have returned not only to clothes she now wears – she’s creating her new normal – and adding colors to the life she now chooses to live! For herself and her children.


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