Grief, Be Gone!

April Chan grieved 31 years over a life that was not fully lived.

She was given away to a spinster at 4. Then began a dark and depressing childhood. At 16, this foster mom died. She was alone again. Life was hard. She married at 24 to a kind man; but he turned to gambling. Around that time, she found her biological mother who was mentally ill due to a gambling husband which cost her to lose all her children. This discovery added more grief to April. When her husband died in 2009, April spiraled down to deep depression. Read how she sought help and move beyond loss and grief to recovery.

After she completed the GRM Group Program, she wrote this in the post program evaluation: “This program has given a ‘voice’ to my 31 years of misery. It has allowed me to cry my heart out. I am a ‘CHANGED PERSON’ and have thrown away my grief and I’m back to being a ‘lively person’ to move on in my life.” [AC, Mar 2018]


Felicia Tan was happily married and after several years of trying for a baby, she conceived in 2011. At 23 weeks, her baby was born premature with under developed lungs and died. She found hope through a new faith in Jesus Christ. She conceived 6 months later and carried twins in her womb. At 21 weeks they were born premature and died. Devastated, Felicia turned to writing to assuage the pain and record the memories of her lost babies. It took another two years before she conceived again.

Read how she sought solace and courage and how she journeyed to emotional completeness.


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