Living Beyond the COVID19 Global Impact

How has COVID19 affected you and those around you? Has it changed your family, work and social life, including sports and recreation?

“Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.” That’s the definition of grief, from Grief Recovery Method Handbook.

No one is spared, no matter where you are living on this planet earth. We are all grieving: the loss of what we knew as normal daily routines of personal, family and work life.

With countries having to lockdown and strict social distancing, even within extended family members, loss of physical and emotional contact is experienced by all, particularly for those who are living on their own. Loneliness and isolation chills the soul.

While we are learning to adapt to changes in our community, WFN and HBL, there seems to be no end in sight. We wonder when and if things will get back to normal again. Worst of all is the risk of losing loved ones and people we know. This can be scary!

So let’s learn to live through the grief together, so we can help strengthen each other to ride through this COVID19 pandemic.

1. BE HONEST ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL. You go first and make it safe to talk about feelings. Let your children talk. Let elderlies, who live with you, talk. Let’s talk about how we feel. Give it a voice.

2. LISTEN WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Give each other time to speak. Don’t interrupt. Picture being a heart with ears!

3. BREAK FROM ISOLATION. Call up someone you know via the phone or social media. Let’s use technology to keep in touch.

4. LEARN MORE ABOUT MANAGING GRIEF. Download NLB ebooks or get a copy of “The Grief Recovery Handbook” by John W. James and Russell FrIedman. Tap on google for other resources.

5. GET YOUR DAILY DOSE OF SUNSHINE & FRESH AIR. Walk or jog outdoors around your home. [WEAR YOUR MASK!]

6. TREASURE RELATIONSHIPS. Share hobbies, watch family entertainment offered free during this global pandemic. Make the most out of each day to treasure each other.


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