Mom helping children recover from grief

I am very pleased indeed and so proud of one of our participants, a young widow with 4 children in tow [the youngest turned seven in 2018.] She has courageously used her learning from the Grief Recovery Method [GRM] to help her girls grieve the sudden loss of their father.

We had highlighted that the tools learned in GRM can be applied to losses in life, as we continue to live our lives, including losses experienced or will be experienced by children as they grow through different stages of their lives.

Here’s a bitter-sweet story which will melt your heart (as it did mine). May we smile at the great encouragement it brings!

Today the church I attended celebrated Father’s Day. It was a mixed emotional time with my children to see families with their dads. I was hesitant and prayed in my spirit .. Took the bittersweet opportunity to have a heart to heart talk with my 4 children .. after the church service. We didn’t really have an opportunity to grieve together openly in a safe space after their dad passed away suddenly in 2015. I was led by Holy Spirit to be open with them.  I used the GRM methods that I experienced, to let them share their thoughts. Assured them to be as honest to their emotions. It was all very painful, but as they spoke about their individual thoughts and feelings (no interruptions) it began the process of ‘giving the grief a voice.’ I am very thankful to have undergone the GRM program and able to also help my children in their recovery.” [YY, Nov12, 2018. Completed GRM Sep2018]

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