Of letting go, of trust, of faith

The same lady [GHL,Oct 2018] encountered new meaning as she went beyond loss and grief to recovery. Following the earlier Whatsapp message, these were her reflections:

“The hiking, shopping and sightseeing aside, it’s been big steps in intangibles too. Of letting go, of trust, of faith. Of moving on. My kids did so well with the helper while I was away.”

“I missed my husband so much even while I was having fun during the hols cos I realized how much our travel interests have converged through the years. He would have so enjoyed what I was enjoying. So I was glad I was still enjoying the same things but going ahead. I guess I got to figure out how to continue to do so in other areas of interest.”

To which my reply was. “Well done! One step at a time .. One thing at a time .. In the midst of conflicting feelings .. choose what you would like different, better, more..

Also what you wish to keep that you enjoy and cherish.. And slowly add on what you would like to do or be.. Bit by bit.. your journey towards recovery has begun and let God continue to lead you and complete the good work He began.”


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