What People Say

“Since the death of my dad in March 2016, I had been wanting to know how I can
recover from my grief. The journey had not been easy as I lost him after he battled
for cancer for 8 years. GRM has taught me to re-learn and re-look in how to have the
right perspective, knowledge and use the right action based tools to walk out of my
grief in a shorter time successfully. I feel freer, lighter and happier each time I walked
away from the sessions.” [YL, 2017}

“GRM has helped me to break the standstill & numbness in my life as I experienced
losses of loved ones, health, job & finances last year. It was difficult to face up to
them. Through the sessions, I became aware of misinformation & myths on the
losses. I began to understand why I coped the way I did. GRM has taught me why I
need to & what I can do with the buried pains, and how I can do my part towards
being emotionally complete and healthy.” [SG, 2017]

“GRM has helped me to be more aware of my own grieving process – the myths,
intellectual statements associated with grief that I have encountered. It has given me
tools that I can use to cope with my loss.” [JT, 2017]

“GRM has helped me to identify my having to say goodbye to pain, not to my
mother/loss.” [MS, 2017]

“I have much better understanding of my own problems, things that trouble me after
this course, and I am also better equipped to know how to handle my own emotions
better. I also learned to be more sensitive about what to say when comforting other
people. Thank you.” [VN, 2017]

GRM is structured and that helps in our recovery journey, as we progress through
the various steps. In our lifetime, there are many experiences of loss and grieving.
Most times, I wasn’t aware in the past. Not addressing issues could lead to way of
living. I realized that now. I can see this as a very useful self-reflective tool in our
single parents network.” [JH, 2017]

“Thank you for the self-disclosure – made meaning to do what was taught – made
our experience feel normal – inspired me to be courageous and real. Mid-week check-
ins were helpful. Thank you for compassion and empathy conveyed.” [HL, 2018]

I kept reminding myself about a phrase Joan shared about what your reaction to a
situation, the 1% responsibility. So during my working day, when people are talking
and sharing about their children, I just react better. I felt less painful. And I am able
to attend my first wedding invitation that I thought I can’t.” [ST, 2018]

Before the last session of the Program, I initiated contact with my mother-in-law
(whom I had stopped contacting since my husband’s death) because through the
participants of this program, I begin to be able to see the hurt she is going through as
she lost her son. I am able to also work on forgiving my mother-in-law for all the
hurtful things she has done after my husband died. [FY, 2018]

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