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“Since the death of my dad in March 2016, I had been wanting to know how I can
recover from my grief. The journey had not been easy as I lost him after he battled
for cancer for 8 years. GRM has taught me to re-learn and re-look in how to have the
right perspective, knowledge and use the right action based tools to walk out of my
grief in a shorter time successfully. I feel freer, lighter and happier each time I walked
away from the sessions.” [YL, 2017}

“I attended the March 2018 Group Program. Three weeks after completing the
Program, I packed my bedroom. It has taken me 15 months but I cleared all my late
husband’s stuff. It was so hard but I’m glad I did it. GRM helped me because it gave
my grief a voice and so I managed to let the pain go. The room felt so empty. I felt so
bad for a while. Then I decided to bring in all my doggy stuff. He loved the doggies.
He would have been so happy to have this doggy corner in the room.” [FY, 2018]

“GRM has helped me to break the standstill & numbness in my life as I experienced
losses of loved ones, health, job & finances last year. It was difficult to face up to
them. Through the sessions, I became aware of misinformation & myths on the
losses. I began to understand why I coped the way I did. GRM has taught me why I
need to & what I can do with the buried pains, and how I can do my part towards
being emotionally complete and healthy.” [SG, 2017]

“GRM has helped me to be more aware of my own grieving process – the myths,
intellectual statements associated with grief that I have encountered. It has given me
tools that I can use to cope with my loss.” [JT, 2017]

“GRM has helped me to identify my having to say goodbye to pain, not to my
mother/loss.” [MS, 2017]

“I have much better understanding of my own problems, things that trouble me after
this course, and I am also better equipped to know how to handle my own emotions
better. I also learned to be more sensitive about what to say when comforting other
people. Thank you.” [VN, 2017]

GRM is structured and that helps in our recovery journey, as we progress through
the various steps. In our lifetime, there are many experiences of loss and grieving.
Most times, I wasn’t aware in the past. Not addressing issues could lead to way of
living. I realized that now. I can see this as a very useful self-reflective tool in our
single parents network.” [JH, 2017]

“This program has given a ‘voice’ to my 31 years of misery. It has allowed me to cry
my heart out. I am a ‘CHANGED PERSON’ and has thrown away my griefs and back to
a ‘lively person’ to move on in life.” [AC, 2018]

“Well presented and explained program, together with the understanding,
compassion and empathy from Joan, who had many loss and grief experiences.
Would recommend to friends who need grief recovery.” [CW, 2018]

“Thank you for the self-disclosure – made meaning to do what was taught – made
our experience feel normal – inspired me to be courageous and real. Mid-week check-
ins were helpful. Thank you for compassion and empathy conveyed.” [HL, 2018]

I kept reminding myself about a phrase Joan shared about what your reaction to a
situation, the 1% responsibility. So during my working day, when people are talking
and sharing about their children, I just react better. I felt less painful. And I am able
to attend my first wedding invitation that I thought I can’t.” [ST, 2018]

Before the last session of the Program, I initiated contact with my mother-in-law
(whom I had stopped contacting since my husband’s death) because through the
participants of this program, I begin to be able to see the hurt she is going through as
she lost her son. I am able to also work on forgiving my mother-in-law for all the
hurtful things she has done after my husband died. [FY, 2018]

“Thank you for holding such an inspiring program. Thank you for your time,
dedication and for all the warm welcomes every Saturday morning. Both you ladies
give me hope that grief can be complete and memories can stop causing pain.”
[FY, 2018]

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